1. Enter your gross monthly salary in Tshs (including social security deductions such e.g NSSF and PPF)
  2. Select social security deduction from your gross pay (either 5% or 10%)
  3. Hit "Calculate" and the results will instantly appear at the bottom of the page

Enter your taxable income in Tshs:

For example, if you earn 50,000 Tshs enter in "50000"

Social Security Deduction:


Individual tax rates 2016/2017

From To Tax rate Plus
0 170,000 0 0
170,001 360,000 9% 0
360,001 540,000 20% 17,100
540,001 720,000 25% 53,100
720,001 infinity 30% 98,100

Taxes and Deductions

Employee Deductions

Gross Monthly Income - Tshs:
Social Security:
Total Employee Deductions:
Net Income:

Amounts payable by Employer (Tshs)

Skills development levy:
Social Security:
Workers compensation fund:
Total payable by Employer:

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